Welcome at the personal info webpage from Christian Schrötter.

I'm 29 years old and I live in Vienna/Austria.

You can find all related content, links and contact addresses in the other eight information boxes at this website.
My first website, started in the year 2006.
It is now a public online community.

But there are still many private contents and I publish regularly new blog posts. (German)
You know the feeling: Much to say,
but not enough for a real blog post.

Everything up to 280 characters goes
to my Twitter page. Stay tuned!
There's nothing like opensource applications!

Since some months I'm on GitHub too, to collaborate with other GitHub users on shared projects and to upload my own coding stuff.
My primary stage for my own videos.
I'm a YouTube member since 2006.

But I'm also watching many things,
you can see it at my playlists....
I'm a Vimeo member since 2007.
Vimeo is my second stage for videos.

All new videos are also published at Vimeo!
I'm using it for HD uploads since 2008.

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